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hiie, welcome to gooey ✿

my name is ahva, and i'm a self-taught, plant-based chef delving into the study of ayurveda to explore and share food as medicine. connecting through that is nourishing and deeply fulfilling for me, especially when it's symbiotic with our environment, and regenerative for our bodies. 

my culinary journey is inspired by my south asian roots, and the sweet memories of waking up in the mornings to the aroma of spices, as my mom prepared something special for us. the harmonious mmmm’s after each bite, resonate with the love and care she infuses into her creations. i carry her teachings with me and feel warm in my belly just thinking about it. :)

i specialize in designing personalized menus/meal plans tailored to individual dietary needs. my recipes are grounded in sacred south asian traditions and ancient ayurvedic principles. whether you're keen on exploring new flavors, have specific dietary preferences, or lead a busy lifestyle, i’d love to be your source of nourishment ~ xx

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